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Dry wall partitioning:

By far the most effective means to divide open plan areas,
create smaller rooms and add internal walls quickly and with far less mess and hassle
than the traditional masonry route. Drywall partitioning is the ideal solution for
commercial and industrial environments that need the job completed quickly and
economically with minimal disruption to day-to-day business processes. Drywall
partitioning allows for greater speed of and lightweight construction, lower cost and fire
resitant qualities.

Suspended ceilings:

commonly used in retail and office environments, we offer
various types of suspension systems that can be suspended from the roof trusses or
concrete slabs and incorporate the necessary lighting fixtures, air conditioning and fire
sprinkling systems in a modern and auesthetically pleasing design. Various product
deriviatives are availbale with sound reduction and fire resistant qualities.


used in diverse applications, bulkheads require a specialist approach to
add a unique touch to ceilings from both an aesthetic and design point of view.
Bulkheads are often used to conceal or enclose fixtures and can be installed in various
positions, sizes and designs.

Designer Ceilings:

Ceilings add an exciting dimension to a space. Our designer
ceilings bring additional character to your construction project, creating different focal
points and custom-created highlights and even create continuity throughout an interior

Flush plastered ceilings

Create a seamless and flush pastered appearance by
plastering over the ceiling boards.

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